Wednesday, August 23, 2006


OpenWorld "Schedule Builder" - Get First Dibs On Your Favorite Sessions

Shay Shmeltzer's recent blog post reminds me to alert you that things are first come first serve at OpenWorld this year! Use the new Schedule Builder tool to get first dibs on your favorite .NET Oracle Develop sessions!

Anyway, Shay said it so well, and has such a great first name, that I will just plagiarize from him shaymelessly:

"But the conference is two months out, why should I do it now?" - you might be asking.

Well the reason is that this is the only way you can guarantee you get to see the sessions you want to see. This year people who register for sessions ahead of time will get into the room before people who just show up. Considering the fact that this is going to be the biggest OOW ever in terms of number of attendees - you want to secure your place. Also, I know how it goes when you don't schedule, you start the conference spending the first hour of each day trying to figure out which session to go to - and by the time you end your daily planning you already missed the morning session. Scheduling your sessions now will also help us better plan rooms allocation for popular sessions.

So do us all a favor and start scheduling now.

Thank you, Shay!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sign up now for "Oracle Develop" at OpenWorld

This October at Oracle OpenWorld we are adding an "event within an event" specifically aimed at developers. It's called "Oracle Develop" and we have an entire 2 day track focused specifically on Oracle and .NET developers. We have entry level topics for those of you new to .NET as well many sessions covering advanced topics and best practices.

Here are some of the sessions you can attend:

Getting Started with Oracle and .NET
Deploying .NET Stored Procedures with Oracle Database
Leveraging Oracle Grid Computing with .NET
ADO.NET 2.0 and Change Notification with Oracle Data Provider for .NET
Leveraging Oracle XML DB from .NET
ODP.NET Best Practices: Deployment and Performance Tips and Tricks
Developing Integrated Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Microsoft .NET
PL/SQL Programming for .NET Developers: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET with Integrated PL/SQL Debugging

There's also a hands on lab:
Hands-on Lab: Building .NET Applications with Oracle

For more details on each of the sessions listed above, go here.
For general information and an overview of Oracle Develop - go here.

Oracle Develop will be held on October 23-25 (during the OpenWorld week) at the San Francisco Hilton and at the Moscone Center. It's available at no extra charge for those of you with a full conference pass to OpenWorld or you may sign up specifically for Oracle Develop. See you there!

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