Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Oracle and .NET at Tech·Ed Orlando

Oracle will once again have a major presence at Tech·Ed this year (June 4-8).

Be sure to stop by the Oracle booth on the demogrounds floor (aka "Partner Expo") for your own personalized demo of Oracle products. We will have demonstrations for Oracle and .NET, Grid Control, RAC, and App Server.

At the .NET demo station you can get the first look at the upcoming release of the ODAC 11g beta including the following new features:

Visual Studio 2005 integration with Server Explorer, Data Sources Window, Dataset Designer, TableAdapter Configuration Wizard and more
Improved ASP.NET web developer support
Oracle Database script project to provide source control of Oracle scripts
Integration with Query builder and Query Designer
User-Defined Types: Create, explore, modify UDTs and custom class code generation for .NET application
and much more.....

Instant Client Support: Smaller ODP.NET client installation
User-Defined Types: Map Oracle objects and collections to .NET custom types and support REFs to object types
and much more...

ASP.NET Providers


We have a "Bird of a Feather" session, which is not a formal presentation, but more of a discussion with Oracle staffers and your fellow Oracle and .NET developers and DBAs. Come prepared with questions and bring your laptop if you feel like turning it into an installfest!

BOF01: Using Oracle with .NET
Monday, June 4, 2007 at 10:30 AM
Room S331 A

We are also co-presenting a "chalk talk" with Microsoft:

DAT04-TLC - ADO.NET Entity Framework: Provider Model and Integration with Third-Party Databases
Friday, June 8 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM, Blue Theater 12

See you in Orlando!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


ODP.NET/ODAC for Vista now available

Coming right on the heels of Friday's release of Oracle Database for Windows Vista, we now have released ODAC which is certified for Vista. You can download it here. This release is key because the Oracle Database on Vista downloads announced on Friday only include ODP.NET for .NET 1.x. If you need ODP.NET for .NET 2.x on Windows Vista, or any other of the ODAC products, you will need to download this. It includes all of the ODAC products, including ODP.NET and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET packaged up with a new version of the Oracle installer that is Vista friendly. Only the installer has been upgraded, not the individual ODAC products, so if you are using ODAC on another Windows platform, you don't need to upgrade.

The download includes:
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005
Oracle Data Provider for .NET 1.x
Oracle Data Provider for .NET 2.0
Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 2.0
Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 1.x
Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Oracle Objects for OLE
Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server

Friday, May 04, 2007


Oracle Database on Windows Vista now available!

The 32-bit Oracle Database 10g Release 2 for Windows Vista (v. is now available for download! It supports Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise Edition.

Developers who just need the 32-bit Oracle Client for Vista can download it at that same link. This client release is much easier to install than the previous "start at and patch up to" method that I blogged about earlier, and it doesn't require that you have access to a Metalink account (to get the patches) if you just want to evaluate the software.

And as I mentioned in that prior blog entry, Oracle Database Express Edition has been certified on Vista for some time now.

Some information about Oracle on 64-bit Windows Vista can be found at the Oracle Database on Windows Vista: Statement of Direction.

Happy installing! :)

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