Monday, May 29, 2006


Oracle's .NET Developer Center - a great resource!

Most of you probably found this blog coming from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website, so what I am about to write is old news to you. But for those of you who found me via other means, here's some great resources you need to know about for those developers wanting to learn more about Oracle and .NET.

.NET Developer Center -
A great starting point that features news of impending events and release, and also links to free downloads of software, white papers, demos and more!

Product pages:
Everything you need related to our products -- white papers, example code, magazine articles and free downloads.

Oracle Data Provider for .NET homepage:

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET (ODT) page:

Oracle Database Extensions for .NET (.NET Stored Procedures):

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition: (Free, lightweight version of Oracle)

Discussion Forums:
.NET and Windows Discussion Forums: Go here for questions, feedback, and technical support:

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