Monday, July 17, 2006


Production release of ODAC now available!

It's here! ODAC production is now available for download.

Like the beta, this release of ODAC includes support for Visual Studio 2005, integrated PL/SQL debugging, ADO.NET 2.0, and .NET Stored Procedures for .NET 2.0

One major difference between this ODAC production release and the previous beta is that it now includes support for PL/SQL debugging from within Visual Studio 2005. In addition, the debugger now supports complex PL/SQL types like arrays, ADT's and PL/SQL records.

Be sure to read the instructions for installing the Oracle Database Extensions for .NET (included on the download page) if you are using .NET stored procedures. That is the trickiest part of the install. Also, you should uninstall any beta software before installing this, and it should be installed into an Oracle 10.2 Oracle Home ONLY (not 10.1).

Download Includes:
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005
Oracle Data Provider for .NET 1.x
Oracle Data Provider for .NET 2.0
Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 1.x (.NET Stored Procedures)-- upgrade only
Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 2.0 -- upgrade only
Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Oracle Objects for OLE
Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server

Get 'em while they're hot, folks!

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