Tuesday, September 16, 2008


.NET and Windows OpenWorld Sessions Filling Up Fast!

Summary: Seats are filling up fast for Oracle OpenWorld .NET and Windows sessions, so use Schedule Builder and reserve a seat for yourself today!

Oracle OpenWorld will be taking over the city of San Francisco next week (September 21-25th). And once again we bring back the popular "Oracle Develop", a special 2 day intensive track of content created specifically for the Oracle developer - including a .NET developer track.

This years Oracle Develop .NET track will provide comprehensive coverage of Oracle's .NET technologies including new Oracle Database 11g features, introductory material, and deep dive content. Oracle Develop is perfect for all levels of Oracle on .NET developers, from beginner to advanced. In addition to sessions we also have a .NET Hands on Lab, which lets you get your hands dirty and take Visual Studio 2008 for a joyride! Mark Williams, the author, .NET guru and OTN "Ace Director" who has probably answered one of your questions over at the ODP.NET Forum, will be on hand with me at the hands on lab to take your questions.

Once you register, I strongly urge you to use Schedule Builder to reserve seats in the sessions you are most interested in. I recommend doing so as many of our .NET and Windows sessions look like they are getting close to capacity.

If you can't make it to Oracle Develop content this year, please visit us in the Exhibition Hall (in the database area) for your own personalized demo of our latest features from an Oracle expert.
The .NET booth is booth L41 and Windows database booth is L19.

Oracle Develop .NET Sessions at a Glance

Windows Database Sessions

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