Friday, September 16, 2016


Oracle Openworld SF: Windows and .NET Sessions and demogrounds

I'll be at Oracle Openworld San Francisco (Sept 18-22) next week and we have a host of sessions aimed for .NET developers and Oracle Database on Windows administrators. Click the links below for the session times and locations.

Oracle Database on Windows Sessions
 Active Directory and Windows Security Integration with Oracle Database [CON6573]
Best Practices for Oracle Database Performance on Windows [CON6575]
What's New with Oracle Database 12c on Windows: On-Premises and in the Cloud [CON6576]

.NET Development Sessions
Best Practices for Performance Part 1: .NET and Oracle Database [CON6574]
Best Practices for Performance Part 2: .NET and Oracle Database [CON6610]
PL/SQL Programming for .NET Developers: Tips, Tricks, and Debugging [CON6612]
What’s New for .NET Developers in Oracle Database [CON6577]
Best Practices for High Availability: .NET and Oracle Database [CON6580]
Meet the Oracle Programming and Scripting Experts [MTE7200]

I've also uploaded a map showing where the demobooth is located (SDB-003 in Moscone South).
Click here to view the image in full res.

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